Spare parts

We can supply complete range of spare parts for all types of Oxygen and Nitrogen air separation plants. Photos of some of the parts we supply are given below:

Ball Valves for expansion engine

Valves for Air separation Unit

Piston rings for Liquid Oxygen pump (Teflon)

Size: 20mm, 22 mm ,24 mm, 26mm, 30mm, 32mm, 36mm

Piston rings for Expansion Engine ( Teflon)

Size: 50mm, 60mm,70mm,80mm, 85mm, 90mm

Heavy duty springs for push rod of expansion engine

Springs for Ball valves

Piston for Liquid Oxygen pump

Liner for liquid oxygen pump

Gland Packing

Pressure gauges

Stainless steel pressure gauges

Expansion Valves

Cylinder filling connections for oxygen, acetylene, Co2, Nitrogen etc.

Heating Elements


Oil scrapper rings (PTFE)

Sensor for oxygen analyser

Temperature controller

Oxygen Purity Apparatus – Type 1

Oxygen Purity Apparatus – Type 2

Safety valves

Manifold valves

Air compressor valve

Air compressor valve

Plates for valves of air compressor

Temperature controller

Mineral wool / slag wool for insulation

Cryogenic Perlite

Activated Alumina Balls

Molecular Sieves

Activated carbon

Gas cylinder filling manifolds

Gate valves, globe valves, butterfly valves etc

All types of filter cartridges, sintered bronze cartridges, activated carbon cartridges etc.

Spindles for oxygen valves (Standard size and oversize)

Push rod for Expansion Engine (Inlet & outlet)

Liquid Oxygen Level gauge

Cylinder spindle key